Luxury I-Tip Microlink Intensive DEPOSIT $200

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Welcome to a HBM ACADEMY! I’m Murphye Brooke , your course instructor, Cosmetologist, Luxury extension specialist, Natural hair care specialist, Founder of HBM ACADEMY, & HBM Luxury Extensions.  Im super excited you are joining the HBM family. This INTENSE, HANDS ON course includes a 

6 figure technique Luxury I-Tip (strand by strand) ONLY NO BRAIDS, NO THREAD, NO TENSION. This strand by strand technique is the most versatile of all methods. Learn the proper hair types this style works for, as well as placement and maintinance. Wholesale for luxury I tip extensions will also be available. 


This masterclass is designed for a beginner or advanced stylist, who are ready to learn. I will teach you all how to properly install the extensions in a healthy way, while showing the proper maintenance the style requires to maintain the overall health of your clients hair. Microlinks are a high ticket item, that allow you to triple your income and clientele base. 

Register TODAY! Seats are limited due to COVID restrictions. Please wear a mask during the duration of the course. Location and further detail of the course will be sent once deposit is made.




Limited seats are available and spot will only be held once deposit is made. The remainder of the class total will be due the day of at the beginning of class. ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR EACH CLASS.