Diamond Wave Lace Unit

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Soft waves at its best!!! These Units are the perfect on-the-go Styles! Each unit will arrive in its natural state, so you will need to style it or have your stylist style it. The knots are slightly bleached and may require to be bleached again. These units are handcrafted and the hairline is very natural! 

* You can choose between a Full Lace unit or a Lace front Unit

-150% Density

- Lengths: 12-26"

** The longer the length the thinner the unit will appear, so i recommend adding tracks on the longer lengths or investing in a custom unit.

- Texture: Diamond Wave

- FULL LACE  UNIT Can part any where in the unit and can be worn in a ponytail, half or braided

-LACE FRONT UNIT  is 13x2 on the sides, 13x5 in the middle

- Adjustable band and clips included for security or gluless install

- Medium shade Transparent lace

-Medium cap size 21-22.5 circumference 

- Lace is pre-plucked 

- Baby hair included 

-Hair can be lifted to 613, and can retain heat

- 100% Virgin hair 

*These units can be worn glue-less or with adhesive.

*** Units can last at least a year depending on your care for the hair. The lace will eventually need to be replaced after wear and tear.

--Processing time is 3-5 Business days 

**We are not responsible for how you style the unit and if you cause any damage to the unit after receiving it. We recommend a professional color the hair to prevent any damage**