Virtual Microlink Masterclass



This Virtual Experience will be like no other! Learn how to make $1k a day from the comfort of your home. HBM Academy is a place where we create beauty pros who are dedicated to taking their business to the next level with luxury extension services. 

You have to option to learn our top 4 luxury services or choose the one that best fits your needs. These instructional videos + continued education will allow you to maximize your learning and earning potential. These videos can be replayed as many times as you need them to ensure the technique is understood. This course is easily accessible from any device.

What to expect?

  • Learn me top 4 luxury extension techniques within 4 hours, which includes:
  • Threadless Microlinks: Designed for women with fine density hair looking to add fullness and length. This healthy extension method is used with a single weft.
  • Beaded Rows: AKA Braidless Sew in - Designed for women with medium to thick density hair looking for maximum volume , fullness, and versatility. This technique is used with wefts as well and is often doubled.
  • ITIP Microlinks: Designed for women to medium to thick density hair looking for fullness and volume. It gives the most versatility bc it is individual strands of hair used to create this bomb look. 


  • Learn Microlink Maintenance  and removal techniques 
  • Learn Marketing, branding, and Social media strategies to take over the market.
  • Lifetime access to our HBM PRO group for continuing education and support from other like minded individuals 
  • Access to HBM PRO wholesale program for extensions and tools.
  • HBM Microlink Certification


Virtual Microlink Masterclass + Kit 

  • HBM Toolkit
  • ——-Pliers, scissors, clips, loopers, latch hooks, needle and thread
  • Course Guidebook
  • Mannequin head and stand
  • 1 Bundle for each course for practice 
  • Micro-beads in various sizes